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The Non-Reserved view can show several different types of reservation records that are not actually "reserving" space, based on the Reservation Status field of the reservations. These can be:


Waiting List reservations (you didn't have a place to put them yet but they still want to stay).

Inquiry "reservations" (they just inquired but did not make a reservation).

Couldn't Book reservations (they tried to make a reservation but you were full so they won't wait).

Canceled reservations (the customer canceled a previously pending reservation)

Canc'd/No-Show reservations (the customer did not cancel but did not show up)

Canc'd/No-Stay reservations (the customer showed up but did not stay the night)

Canc'd/Mistake reservations (the operator canceled a reservation for some reason)

Canc'd/Other reservations (canceled or some other reason)

*Any* canceled reservations (all types of cancellations combined)


You can also show "All Not Reserved" to show all types in one report.  Both the color coding and the Status column will indicate which type they are.  By default the display shows "All Not Reserved" reservations.  You can change the default through the Options button.  The other types are selected using the drop-down list on the right end of the controls above the grid.


Note that the date range can be applied to either the First Night of reservations (only showing reservations which start in the date range), or to reservations' entire stay (showing any reservations which include the date range).  This is an option under the Options button so you can set it either way.


Alternatively, if showing only Canceled reservations, you can show them according to the Date Canceled (see the Options).


Like the Unassigned view, this view defaults to a 1-month (31-day) date range so that you can check ahead and call customers if a site opens up.   Of course if you're showing Canceled reservations by Date Canceled, then future dates are meaningless so you would need to adjust the From date to show prior dates.


Note that the Status column will also include the Cancel Reason selected for any canceled reservations.  For instance, "Canceled : Mechanical trouble".  Alternatively, you can show the Cancel Reason as a separate column instead (see Options).


If you would like to change the status of any of the shown reservations, right-click on it and select Reservation Details.  You can change the status there.


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