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The Unassigned view shows all reservations that have not been assigned to specific sites.  As with the other views you can specify a particular date range.  However, this view defaults to a 1-month view (from today to 31 days later) so that you can easily see upcoming reservations that need to be assigned to sites.  Their rig information and any special requests (site preferences) are shown to make the task easy.  You can assign a site to a reservation by right-clicking on the reservation line and selecting Assign Site (see Working with Reservations for details).


Note that the date range can be applied to either the First Night of reservations (only showing reservations which start in the date range), or to a reservations' entire stay (showing any reservations which include the date range).  This is an option under the Options button so you can set it either way.


If you want to see all unassigned reservations in the system, regardless of the dates, it's easier to use the Unassigned Reservations function under the Reservations menu, rather than changing the dates as far back and forward as possible.


It's common to have reservations on the Waiting List with unassigned sites, so those can appear on this report as well, if the option is set (see the Options button).  These will be highlighted with * Waiting * in front of the customer name.


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