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Campground Master's Credit Card Processing

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Integrating credit card processing with the software adds convenience and can help speed the checkout process. While this is especially useful with the Point of Sale option, it can also be used with the standard software for site rental payments, etc.

Other benefits of integration:

  • Eliminates mistakes and fraud due to double-entry of amounts
  • Provides a one-to-one audit trail
  • Easy for clerks -- simple interface, no moving back and forth to a separate machine
  • One combined receipt for your customers
  • Meaningful management reports, much more information than standalone terminals

Processing Software

Credit card processing is supported through 3rd-party authorization processing software or a gateway. This is required to handle the actual communication with the merchant bank, which is only possible through certain approved providers. The options available are listed below.

Existing merchant accounts: If you have an existing merchant account that you prefer to keep (or if you're still locked into a contract), then the only option for integrating Campground Master with them is through Cayan's Merchantware gateway. See below for details.

Note: If you're outside the U.S., this feature may not be available depending on the software and your merchant account. This is only guaranteed to work in the U.S. at this time, but Canada is also supported by X-Charge in some cases.

X-Charge       (U.S. and Canada)

Cottonwood Software has teamed up with OpenEdge to bring you competitive rate credit card processing right from Campground Master. The X-Charge software is offered at no cost from OpenEdge, including unlimited multi-user support.

The X-Charge software is guaranteed to integrate seamlessly with Campground Master. You can also integrate a PIN pad for debit card support, which is not available with other integration methods.

EMV / Chip card support -- X-Charge with an EMV card reader is supported (as of Campground Master version 9.0) -- see here for current details.

Their discount rates are competitive (they can provide you with a detailed comparison to your existing merchant statement), and it's simple to get set up.

You may call them directly at 800-774-6462, option 1, to get a comparative rate analysis. Be sure to mention that you'll be using it with Campground Master so they know exactly what you need.

Cayan (now owned by TSYS)       (U.S. only)

Campground Master will integrate directly with Cayan's merchant service to use their processing services, for any number of users, using their MerchantWare gateway and/or Genius EMV terminal (see below). There is no additional software to install, so it's very simple to set up. The MerchantWare gateway is guaranteed to integrate seamlessly with Campground Master. A PIN pad for debit cards and "chip" cards is supported with their "Genius" interface (see below).

You may call them directly to get a comparative rate analysis:
Phone - 888-509-8429 - Sales Routing Department, staffed 6:30am 5pm et M-F.
*** Or better yet, contact us and we will submit a request for you, which may work better than getting a random sales rep.
Be sure to mention that you'll be using it with Campground Master (by Cottonwood Software) so they know exactly what you need and who to contact with questions.

MerchantWare gateway for 3rd-party processors       (U.S. only)

Cayan also has a gateway-only option that can be used with most credit card processors. This lets you integrate your existing merchant account with Campground Master without installing any software. Call them and ask about the gateway-only integration. (Note: in Campground Master, this would be set up using the same "MerchantWARE web services" option.) Call them at 888-509-8429 for details.

Some services, such as Square, PayPal, Intuit and QuickBooks Point of Sale, use proprietary technology which will not integrate with the gateway and therefore cannot be used with Campground Master. Contact Cayan to make sure your service is compatible with their gateway.

EMV / Chip card support -- Campground Master v9.0 integrates with their new "Genius" terminal, which supports PIN debit, EMV/chip cards, and other new features. This is available whether you use Cayan as your merchant processor or if you're using them only as a gateway to your own merchant processor (for certain processors). See here for current details.

Other Processing Software / Processors

If you want to use your existing merchant service provider, then you may be able to integrate it with Campground Master using the MerchantWare gateway as described above, which may also allow you to use the Genius interface for EMV/chip cards.

Note to merchant processing companies -- Please have the merchant call us with any questions about integration, or contact Cayan directly about using their gateway (see above). There is no need for you to contact us, we can't integrate with you directly, and there are no other options. You will work with Cayan to set up the gateway from your "VAR sheet". We do not need that information, and we can't help you with that.

MCPS for Campgrounds       (U.S. only)

Campground Master will integrate directly with the MCPS gateway to use their processing services, for any number of users. There is no additional software to install, so it's very simple to set up. However, EMV support may not be available in Campground Master, at least not for awhile, so until we verify the availability of this you may want to use Cayan or X-Charge instead.

You may call them directly at 877-858-9010 to get a comparative rate analysis. Be sure to mention that you'll be using it with Campground Master so they know exactly what you need.

Hardware Requirements

The computer with the processing software will need to have a high-speed internet connection like DSL or cable.

You will also probably want a "mag swipe" or EMV terminal for swiping/inserting credit cards -- not only does this save a lot of time and eliminates mistakes, most merchant services also offer a much lower discount rate for swiped cards. Contact the provider selected above to order the correct EMV terminal for their services. For swipe-only setups (no EMV/chip card support), a simple card swipe can be used. The reader must be either USB "Keyboard emulation" model (not "HID"), or an old PS/2 style keyboard-wedge interface if you have a PS/2 keyboard. The reader must support either Track 1 or Track 1 & 2 reading (track 3 is not supported), and must be non-encrypted.

It's also a good idea to use a 3" receipt printer, especially for printing the credit card signature slips. These can be set up to print automatically on the receipt printer when the credit card payment is processed, separately from the customer's receipt. A normal full-size printer can also be used for the credit card slips, but it's not as convenient or as fast.

For more information and suggested equipment, refer to the Hardware Selection page.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

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