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Campground Master Downloads

We make the current version and all prior versions of Campground Master available for download in case you need to reaload the software, as well as all documentation and various other files you may need. If you're not eligible to use the current version, use the "Previous Versions" button on the right to find the correct version.

No key or password is ever needed to download -- if you're a licensed user, your authorization is in your database and will activate the software anywhere it's installed.

These downloads are for licensed users only!

If you're looking for the free demo, see the
Free Demo Download page.
If you have a license but need to re-install or install to a new computer,
Click here to move or re-install a licensed Campground Master.

Downloading the Latest Software Release

The current version is 11.4, released April 15th, 2024

Instant download:

To download the latest version, either as an upgrade or as a new install (or re-install), click the button below and select the "Run" option when prompted:

(Remember, download to every computer that will be using Campground Master.)

If you're upgrading from a previous version and need more information before downloading, click on the button below for further details:

Downloading notes

In most cases, you will want to choose the "Run" option when prompted.
(In Firefox, "Save" it and then view downloads/run it after it's finished downloading.)

If you see a window "Compatibility settings have been applied", click Run program.

If you see "... is not commonly downloaded and could harm your computer", click Actions.
- In the window that comes up next, select "Run Anyway".
      (if it doesn't show that option at first, click "More Actions".)
- Once it downloads, it may again prompt something like "Do you want to allow this program to make changes to your computer"... click "Yes"

If you see a window "The App You Are Trying To Install Is Not A Microsoft Verified App", that means you are Running Windows in "S mode".
You will need to switch out of S Mode in order to install Campground Master:
- Try this video: Youtube: Switching out of S mode
- or, search Google for "Switching out of S mode" for other tutorials.

Installation notes

When the installer starts, just click "Next" all the way through, then "Finish".

If you see a window "Compatibility settings have been applied", click Run program.

When Campground Master runs the first time, if a firewall prompt asks you whether it should be "allowed" or "blocked" -- be sure to "Allow" the program to enable networking, E-mailing, online help and other internet-enabled functions.

After installing, if you see:
"This program may not have installed correctly"...
This message is due to the way Windows reacts to the installer.
Choose the option saying that the program has installed correctly.

Downloading the Documentation

The complete user manual is available to browse online, download as a PDF to print, or download as an e-Book to browse offline.

Release Notes and Newsletters

Release notes for all versions are available here.

All previous newsletters are available here

Downloading Previous Versions

All previous major versions are available here.

(If your version is not listed, you may download the next highest version.)

Other Downloads

Free bar-code fonts:

If you're using the Point of Sale module, you might want to make up your own bar code labels or price scan-sheets. There are many sources of bar code fonts and bar code label printing software on the internet (try searching with Google). However we have found a couple free bar code fonts that are usable with most scanners. You can download and install either (or both) of the font files below and make your own labels with Word or any other word processor program.

Click here for more information on installing and using these fonts.

  • "3 of 9" (wide spacing, may work better for some scanners)
  • "Free 3 of 9" (more compact, but may not scan as well)

Sample Online Reservation Form:

You can use the HTML page below for some ideas on creating a reservation form on your web page. The accompanying CSV file is for importing to the Parsing Rules, if you're using the Online Reservations functionality to automatically extract form values from E-mail form submissions. The parsing rules are specifically set up for the fields in the sample web form, but can be adapted to similar forms as needed.

Note: To save the files to your computer without opening them up in the browser, right-click on the link and "Save Target As".

Receipt printer drivers:

If you're using a 3" receipt printer, you may need to have a Windows printer driver installed for it. Most printers don't include the drivers when you purchase them, so you need to download the driver and install it yourself. (Don't worry, installation is easy.) The links below take you to the printer manufacturer's web site where you can get the latest driver.

Note that if you use a printer with a parallel or serial interface then we recommend selecting the "Direct to Port" option in Campground Master so a printer driver is not needed. Contact support if you need more information about this.

If you're using an Epson printer driver, contact us and we can E-mail a link to the appropriate driver. You can also get the drivers from Epson, but it requires a complicated enrollment procedure.

Pole display driver:

If you're using the Logic Controls pole display with a USB interface, you'll need to install a "serial port emulation" driver. Use the one below designed specifically for Logic Controls pole displays.

Logic Controls display:   Windows (all versions) See the "...Install.txt" files for info

APG cash drawer USB driver:

If you're using the APG cash drawer with a USB interface, you'll need to install a driver. This usually comes on a CD with the drawer, but in case you've misplaced it you can download it here.

APG cash drawer driver:   Windows (all versions)

WinSock Fix:

Some users have reported network problems that resulted from spyware. Naturally we recommend running at least one good anti-spyware program, and keeping it updated weekly. In any case, if you're having problems with the network connecting even after removing the spyware, you might want to try this WinsockFix program to make sure Windows is configured for proper Winsock operation. (This program is not written by us, so use at your own risk -- back up your system first!)

Note: We suggest Saving this to some known location (My Documents or your Desktop), and then run it after it's downloaded.

"Once again, I can't thank you enough for your outstanding support. I know I've said this before, but truly your response time is amazing... You really have a great product. I can't say enough about it!"
- J. Hussey,
Whit's End Campground

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