E-mailing Receipts

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Before you can send E-mail from Campground Master (and in fact before the option will even appear to do so), you must configure the SMTP setup so it knows how to use your E-mail server.  See that section for details (under Maintenance / E-mail Setup / SMTP Setup for sending E-mail).  You will also want to review some of the settings under the E-mail Setup menu to configure the Confirmation E-mail text & options, Invoice E-mail text, etc.


Once that is configured, then you will have a button on the Transactions dialog to "Send E-mail Form".  (Note: If you have only one E-mail Form enabled, the button will read "E-mail Confirmation" instead, with the assumption that the E-mail is a confirmation letter).  


If more than one Form is available, clicking this button will show a dialog to Select the Form to E-mail, as well as some other options such as Preview before sending.


Note that the E-mailed confirmations and invoices, etc, will look a lot different than the printed versions.  They are designed to work as simple text E-mail messages.  While it's possible to design fancier E-mails using HTML, that's an Advanced Customization feature.  Look for examples in Newsletters to get some quick tips, for instance to add a logo to your E-mail.




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