Campground Master
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Changing Ownership or Management

When a business purchases Campground Master for a property, the purchase includes the license to use the software at that business, updates for 1 year, initial support when setting up, and continued support thereafter (assuming the updates/support renewal is kept current).

If ownership (or management) changes, then we are not obligated to continue support unless a license/support transfer fee is paid ($300), to cover issues such as transferring the data to another computer, working with new people on the basic use of the software, or changing the setup. We also cannot support old versions.

Note that this nominal transfer fee does NOT cover setting it up from scratch -- the $300 transfer assumes that a fully working database was already set up and is still available for the new ownership/management to continue using. If the database itself is not handed over to the new owners and the new users must set it up from scratch, then a completely new license must be purchased at the normal pricing.

Also note that the license belongs to the business location, not an individual -- so it is not transferable to another location. (See the software license details.)

Therefore in order to provide the necessary support for new users of the software, we require that the software be brought up to date (purchase an upgrade if necessary), and if more than minimal support is required then we also require payment of the transfer fee. See the fee schedule below.

Order Online

You can use this link to pay the transfer fee online:

      Transfer Support - Online Order Form

Additional Upgrades and Support Pricing Details

Upgrade from a previous version, and updates/support for 1 year
(Only required if purchased or last upgraded more than 1 year prior to this release.)
Includes an additional year of support and downloadable upgrades.
Note: If it has been more than 6 months since your updates subscription has expired, you will also need to pay any difference in cost between the current version and your previously licensed version.
Note: Price is subject to change with future upgrades.
* see notes
Updated printed manual (comes with a CD)
(plus shipping and handling)
$95 each
Single CD-ROM delivery of current version
Price includes shipping and handling.
New management support transfer
As explained above -- If you change ownership or management of the business then we require a "license transfer" fee to cover additional support, in addition to requiring an upgrade to the latest version.
Note: This only applies to the same business, and assuming the database is already set up for that business. The Campground Master license is not transferable to another park or business.

Arizona businesses add 8.8% sales tax.

Please contact us with any questions!

Contact Cottonwood Software by phone at 1-913-522-0717, 7 days a week.

"This is a great system we love it. You may be interested to know that one Australian firm which we were considering wanted AUD $4000.00 for only a chart... plus $1000.00 annually for support. Your Campground Master is 99% what we wanted."
- J. Bergin
Mountway Holiday Apartments
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