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Receipt Printer Installation & Troubleshooting

This page refers to Epson receipt printers, since that's the brand Campground Master is most compatible with and we recommend (see our POS Hardware Page). However the basic steps will apply to most types of printers and printer issues.

When you're first installing a USB receipt printer, please follow the instructions below. There are additional sections here that will help with troubleshooting printer issues.

Driver Installation (Initial Setup)

IMPORTANT: Be sure to download and install the printer driver BEFORE the printer is connected to the computer. (If you connected it before installing the driver, disconnect it and run the repair tool described below).

The driver for the Epson receipt printer can be downloaded directly using this link:
(We're assuming you're familiar with downloading and executing programs -- if not, please get assistance from your computer local support person.)

Once it's downloaded, you need to Run it to install the driver. Follow the instructions on screen to select the appropriate printer model, interface (USB), etc. Do not connect the printer until it either prompts you or installation is complete.

You can view the entire Epson driver installation manual here, if needed:

Once the printer is installed and connected, verify that Windows is seeing it. Under the Windows Control Panel, Printers & Faxes, you should see the Epson printer listed and it should be "Ready". If not, you may need to run the repair too mentioned below and re-install the driver. If that doesn't help, try Epson Tech support: 562-276-1314.

Windows 10 / 11 note -- Be sure to read this if you're using Windows 10 or later:
Windows 10 printer issues

Once it's installed and recognized in Windows, see the documentation on this page for details on setting up the printer in Campground Master:
Receipt Printer Setup (USB drivers)

If you're also using a cash drawer connected to the printer, be sure to refer to the cash drawer setup documentation for the proper connection of the cash drawer cable. (If it's connected backwards, it won't work.)

Networking the Receipt Printer

If you want to share the receipt printer with other computers on the local network, you can do this just like sharing any other printer. Simply install the same Epson printer driver on the other computer(s), but instead of selecting the USB connection option, select the Network connection. This also allows sharing any cash drawer(s) connected to the printer.

Of course this assumes that you have "File & Printer Sharing" configured and working correctly in Windows so it can find the printer on the network, and of course that you already have the printer set up and working on its host computer (USB connection).

Epson Printer Repair Tool

If you connected the printer before the driver was installed, or if it shows the printer is not available after installation and connection, run the repair tool below and then go through the driver setup again:

Download and run this repair tool:

For detailed instructions, click this link:


This primarily refers to printing problems that come up later, after the printer has been working properly and then suddenly stops working. If you are installing for the first time and it's not working, it's best to review the installation steps above again.

This section refers specifically to problems printing 3" receipts, e.g. to a 3" receipt printer. However many of the same procedures will help troubleshooting any issues printing reports, receipts, or other forms -- just use the appropriate Printer Setup selection for the type of thing you're printing.

Some common issues with receipt printers are:
  • Incorrect printer selected under File / Printer Setup / Receipt Printer (3" paper). Always check that first -- it should show the appropriate printer, e.g. "Epson U220 series".
  • Improper "default" printer selected in Windows. We always recommend that your full-size printer be the Windows default, so it's used for general printing. Then the 3" printer would be specifically selected for that receipt type (see the 1st point above). However, Windows 10 will keep changing the default printer if you don't disable that -- see Windows 10 printer issues.
  • Printer changed ports, e.g. the USB cable was unplugged and plugged back in a different slot. This will cause Windows to see it as a different "printer" even if it's still called the same thing. See the "try this first" steps below.
  • Windows "print spooler" or general driver issues -- if you see that Windows has a bunch of documents queued for printing but they aren't getting printed, then try rebooting Windows.

Try this first

If you're unable to print receipts at all on the receipt printer (e.g. by manually selecting the 3" receipt when printing a Transaction receipt), try this before re-installing the driver:

- Go to File / Printer Setup / Receipt printer (3" paper) - using a Windows driver, and select a different printer (e.g. your main printer), and close Campground Master.

- Re-open Campground Master, go to File / Printer Setup / Receipt printer (3" paper) - using a Windows driver again and select the appropriate driver (e.g. Epson).

- Try printing a 3" receipt again.

Last Resort

If that didn't fix it, or if the issue was with the cash drawer rather than printing receipts, then follow these steps:

- Go to File / Printer Setup / Receipt printer (3" paper) - using a Windows driver, and select a different printer (e.g. your main printer), and close Campground Master.

- Then disconnect the printer (unplug the USB cable).

- Follow the information above to run the "Epson Printer Repair Tool".

- Install the driver again as described above in "Driver Installation (Initial Setup)".

"Once again, I can't thank you enough for your outstanding support. I know I've said this before, but truly your response time is amazing... You really have a great product. I can't say enough about it!"
- J. Hussey,
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