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Order Campground Master Add-Ons

This online order form is only for ordering add-ons to an existing license:

  • Networking option ($500)
  • Additional networked workstations ($100 each)
  • Point of Sale ($300)
  • Park name minor variations ($100 each)
  • Manual w/CD ($95 + s&h)
  • CD only ($20 and up)

Important: This will not extend your license to include free updates for later releases. The expiration of your free updates (initially 1 year from your original purchase) will remain the same as it was before adding new options (see View / Product Authorizations in the program to find your free updates expiration). If your initial order or latest upgrade was more than 1 year ago, then you may want to also order an updated license so that you can use the latest version of the software -- see the link below.

If you don't have a Campground Master license yet, use this form to order.
If you need to order another year of updates, use this form.
To order a CD of the latest update, use this form.

After entering your information below, we will send you an E-mail confirming the order and total amount, and this E-mail will also contain your new authorization code. There is no need to install additional software to add options.

For pricing details, please refer to the main order page

Order Form:

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On American Express cards, it's a 4-digit number on the front, above the right side of the account number.

Address Line 1:
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Order Details:
Important: Please fill in the information for the additions you need to your license. Any options already in your existing license will be included in the new license in addition to the selections below.

Add Point of Sale (POS) option - $300.00
Add Networking option (includes up to 3 workstations) - $500.00
Additional networked workstations ($100.00 each)
...added to your current license, or added to the 3 above if adding Networking now. For instance if you're currently licensed for 4 and now need a total of 6 workstations, enter "2" here. If you don't yet have the Networking option and now need 6 workstations, check the "Add Networking" box above and enter "3" here.
Additional park name minor variations ($100.00 each)
Enter # needed. Keep in mind that these must all be part of the same physical property -- e.g. trailer rental as part of the RV park business -- and must have the same address. It's only used for showing different "park names" on receipts for different 'Sites' -- it cannot be used for separate businesses. Enter the name variations needed for them in the Comments section below.
Printed Manuals: (Leave this blank if no printed manual is needed)
Enter a qty, e.g. "1", to order a printed manual w/CD ($95.00 each + s&h)
(The full manual is also available as a free download)
CD of current version of the software (includes shipping)
($20 in U.S., $30 Canada, $40 elsewhere)
Comments :

To place the order, click the "Purchase Now" button below. This is NOT fully automated. We will verify the credit card information and respond by E-mail within 24 hours (usually the same day).

If you have any problems using or submitting this form, you can also send an E-mail message to order. See the Contact information page to send an E-mail, and include all of the necessary information in the E-mail message.

For other ordering options, please refer to the main order page

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